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  • Warranty Surveys
  • Claims Investigation
  • Cargo Superintendency
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  • Roundness / circularity surveys


We are specialized in Project & Heavy Lift cargoes, but in our specialty, we are generalists in the work we do.

Due our extended contacts with asset owners, shipping lines, freight forwarders and insurance companies, we do know what our customers really want and where to get it.

The combination of our experts in the field, the engineering department and our certified software gives us a unique position in the market.


Warranty Surveys

Multi-modal deployability

As specialists in project- and heavy lift cargoes, we are generalists in this specific field of work. Driven by a team of independent third party warranty surveyors based world-wide, we can act immediately if attendance is needed on urgent basis at land, sea or air transport.  We can offer a complete door-to-door service, supervising the handling and processes, involved with multi modal transport.

We have a broad experience when it comes to different ways of transporting cargo, including but not limited to SPMT, Barging, Towage, Roll-On – Roll Off, Float In – Float Out and general multi-purpose and heavy-lift vessels.

Experienced seafarer

All our surveyors can rely on a broad seafarer’s experience, mostly master mariners and captains from heavy lift vessels. We train and educate them in our own education centre and we have an extensive own engineering department that supports them with their knowledge, skill and tools.

Because many of them have also a broad experience as Port Captain/Cargo Superintendent, they really know where to look at and they know how they can be tricked.

The most common services our surveyors can help with, when handling general, project- and heavy lift cargoes:


  • Inspection of the cargo at the load and discharge locations
  • Analysis of critical items
  • Towage approvals
  • Advice on and supervision on stowage and sea-fastening
  • Issue certificates incl. warranty
  • Calculation of forces and required lashings
  • Strength calculations for overseas transport
  • Identifying key risk components
  • Shipping procedure consultancy
  • Departure and loading procedures
  • Route analyses and advice
  • Shipboard operations
  • Panning and monitoring the ocean/inland transit
  • Discharge and arrival procedures


We coordinate all experts from our head office in The Netherlands.

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Claims Investigation

Essential part of an investigation is that you work with people who know where they are talking about. Our independent experts handle daily only general-, project- and heavy lift cargoes and know every vessel from inside and outside. This is crucial to get the job done in an efficient, confidential and thorough way. Besides that, short communications lines with lots of technical departments of production companies, help us to find solutions as quickly as possible.

Damage inspection

Global Cargo Care delivers always an accurate and precise description of the cause of loss provides the necessary information for coverage determination. Experts are available for inspecting the damage which occurred, as well as the cause and all consequences. Our open communication with all parties involved prevents many problems. Potential additional damage is identified and all issues relevant to the claims process are addressed and resolved with expertise in a timely manner.

Disputes and Legislations

Our experts are hired to provide opinion and on many different aspects of marine work, at sea or land. Our experts can act as witnesses in court proceedings or arbitration and have extensive experience in gathering witness evidence and preparing opinions.

From a single piece of legal opinion to a detailed investigation leading to expert witness duties in court proceedings, we can place lawyers with an expert who truly is an expert in their field and will accurately fulfil the client’s instruction quickly, clearly and with integrity.

P&I and Charterers’ liability support

For P&I clubs we provide the knowledge and expertise required in the event of a dispute. We utilize professional communication and investigative skills to obtain information relevant to liability exposure. We work closely with adjusters to bring claims to a quick and fair conclusion whenever possible and support them with all the expertise they need.

The most common services our marine casualty surveyors can help with:

  • Marine surveys & investigations
  • Loss adjusting
  • Loss assessment
  • Claims management
  • Providing advice to mitigate (further) losses
  • Testing and analyses
  • Calculations and certification
  • Recovery / removal of lost cargo
  • Advice on transport and storage requirements

We coordinate all experts from our head office in The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact us.

Cargo Superintendency

Global Cargo Care started as a company with Cargo Superintendents, to control and manage the loading/discharging of heavy-lift and project cargo vessels.

Our Port Captains/Supercargoes are all Master Mariners and can rely on many years of experience in this work all over the world. We train and educate them in our own education centre and we have an extensive own engineering department that supports them with their knowledge, skill and tools.

As the CSI is working as a kingpin figure among all parties concerned, the CSI is there to protect the clients´ interests, save their time and worn them against extra expenses. The broad experience of our Port Captains/Supercargoes allow us to foresee and caution the client against undesirable situations on board the ship and solve problems when they occur. Constant supervision for proper stowage, separation and lashing of the cargo is a guarantee of quick and safe cargo operations.

The most common services our Cargo Superintendents can help with, when handling general, project- and heavy lift cargoes:

  • Inspection-survey to products, goods, cargo
  • Lashing monitoring, calculating and certification
  • Vessel suitability survey for intended cargo and voyage
  • On-hire, off-hire & condition survey
  • Prevention inspection of damage and/or loss on goods
  • Pre-entry/pre-purchase survey
  • Loss extent
  • Supervision and coordination during operations
  • Planning of load rotation and cargo handling procedures
  • Reporting to and advising client before and during operations with regard to performance
  • Fully comprehensive reporting after operations, including statement of facts, final stowage plan, diagrams of lashing arrangement, photos, etc.

We coordinate all experts from our head office in The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact us.

Project Management

For many parties it’s highly important to keep control of the whole transport of their precious goods. As specialists in project- and heavy lift cargoes, we know what we can expect in our field of work.

Door-to-Door Consultancy

From factory to the foundation, we can assist every part of the transport on road, sea and in the air. The combination of our engineering team, independent surveyor and supercargo experience, makes us a solid partner for asset owners, freight forwarders or insurance companies. At every stage of the transport, we can assist with our knowledge to solve logistic issues and attend at any location where eyes and ears are needed.

Site / Base-management

Per example in the energy/renewables sector, it’s highly important to have a 24/7 grip on the situation. Especially when it comes to huge working-sites with ditto logistic operations. We can assist in the pre-planning phase, sort out the best logistic solution, help with all the approvals/certificates and be at the site to manage the whole operation.

A recent project carried out under our leadership is the Amrumbank West Offshore Windfarm. As a customer’s representative for one of the market leaders in the monopile and transition pieces industry, Global Cargo Care was assigned to take care of the logistic project management and complete site management in Cuxhaven, Germany. The long-term project Amrumbank West Offshore Wind Farm comprehended 80 Turbines, 37km northwest of the island of Helgoland in the North Sea. Not only in Cuxhaven, but also from our office in the Netherlands we assisted the client with important matters; extending the storage area, crane choice and logistic issues in the supply chain.

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Transport Engineering

Analyses and Calculations

Our in-house engineering department – consisting of engineers and naval architects – is available for creating, plans for stowage, lifting, lashing and securing, deck strength and stability calculations, Method Statements, complicated FEM-analysis and complete feasibility-studies are created by this department.

Continuous developments of innovative solutions can be realised through close collaboration between ship owners, contractors, designers, suppliers and shipyards. This unique collaboration makes Global Cargo Care a reliable partner, ensuring the design and construction of dedicated advanced solutions to meet customer needs.

We are pragmatic problem solvers committed to providing practical solutions for the local and international maritime industry. This department can also be a flex grid for your company and work under your company name.

Animations and Simulations 

Especially in the off-shore, it’s more and more important to see in advance how the operation will be. This can be visualized by creating 3D-models or CGI-content. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the application of 3D computer graphics to special effects. The visual scenes may be either dynamic or static.

3D-modelling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of object (either inanimate or living) via specialized software. It can be displayed as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation of physical phenomena.

Despite the fact that this is mostly a very time consuming work, it gives very valuable information about the operation to all parties involved.


In addition to the services of Global Cargo Care, we developed Videck, the new standard in lashing & securing of heavy-lift & project cargo. Videck is the only class approved, Lloyd’s Register certified software for lashing & securing in the world, and offers the possibility to easily make professional calculations in accelerations, simulate lashing & securing and helps you creating method statements.

Our experts have full access to this software to double-check the situation real-time and according IMO or DNV-GL regulations.


Without the knowledge, you can’t be a frontrunner. We are continuously using our practical and theoretical experience to think about ways to make work better. You have to be always one step ahead.

Besides the engineering, we provide surveyors and cargo superintendents to support on site and during transport.

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Roundness / circularity surveys

Besides heavy-lift and project cargo surveys, Global Cargo Care can also perform roundness / circularity surveys.

These surveys will be applied from the offshore industry and sometimes for measurements on heat-exchanger casings. A classified expert will measure the diameter of each end of the pipe on 6-8 different corners with a total station, which has an accuracy of +/- 1 mm. If you want to have more information about the possibilities, please contact our team.