3 H/L discharged from MV Oceanic in Port Talbot

mrt 25 2019

Global Cargo Care was awarded to witness the discharge of a 430mt converter vessel, 105mt converter cone and a 85mt tilt gear from the vessel Oceanic in Port Talbot. All cargo items were safely discharged and transported to the laydown area by SPMT’s.                    

Comanche Peak Power Plant

feb 05 2019

Global Cargo Care was involved in the exchange of two generators at the Comanche Peak nuclear powerplant in the US. After months of pre-planning, a state of the art strandjack gantry system was developed and build by Enerpac, Hengelo. The system was tested and approved by Lloyd’s Register. The 388mt ‘old’ generator was lifted from […]

Monte Carlo Yacht discharged in Rotterdam

dec 29 2018

One of our new clients requested us to attend the discharge ops of a Monte Carlo Yacht in the Port of Rotterdam. The 21m long yacht has been loaded onto a ponton for its further transport to Düsseldorf port.                      

2 Siemens H/L loaded in Rotterdam

okt 09 2018

By Broekman Terminal in Rotterdam, we attended the loading of a 327.5mt Generator and 295.5mt Gas Turbine on board of the H&S Wisdom. Both Siemens units were loaded with the well known floating crane “Matador”.