2 Siemens H/L loaded in Rotterdam

okt 09 2018

By Broekman Terminal in Rotterdam, we attended the loading of a 327.5mt Generator and 295.5mt Gas Turbine on board of the H&S Wisdom. Both Siemens units were loaded with the well known floating crane “Matador”.                          

5 SGB Smit Transformers loaded in Antwerp

okt 08 2018

5 SGB Smit Transformers, varying from 100 – 212mt  were loaded in Antwerp on board of the Stinnes Passat. The transformers were destined for three different substations in the US.              

ETKE Project – Kenya

sep 14 2018

Global Cargo Care is appointed to discharge several Siemens transformers in Ethopia and Kenya, along with the subsequent transport/installation on the sites. Here, Siemens is constructing a high-voltage direct current transmission link between Ethiopia and Kenya. The roughly 1,000 kilometers-long direct current transmission line, known as the Ethiopia-Kenya Power Systems Interconnection Project, will transmit environmentally […]

Silo shipment from Rotterdam to Alesund

aug 18 2018

An established freight forwarder in Rotterdam appointed us to attend the loading ops of a silo in Groot Ammers, its subsequent transport to Rotterdam and the discharge operation in Alesund in Norway. There, there silo was transported with a floating crane to its further destination.              

564mt test lift – Enerpac Hengelo

aug 09 2018

By Enerpac in Hengelo, a test environment was built to have a detailed insight in the upcoming operation in the United States later this year. On the picture, a weight of 564mt was lifted and skidded, simulating the exchange of a generator from its foundation inside the power plant.               […]