2 SIEMENS transformers for Abu Dhabi

nov 20 2023

At the Mammoet terminal in Schiedam, we surveyed the loading operation of 2x Siemens Energy power transformers. The 2 transformers were loaded by the ship’s cranes of BBC Chartering  vessel BBC Asia.                    

2 Hyosung power transformers discharged in Antwerp

jun 08 2023

We recently attended the transshipment operation of 2 Hyosung power transformers at the RWE terminal at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The transformers were safely discharged from HMM Rotterdam by Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken BV into an inland vessel for further transport.                    

2 SIEMENS Energy transformers discharged in Glückstadt

jun 01 2023

2 Siemens Energy transformers were discharged by floating crane Enak in Glückstadt, Germany. The transformers weighed 311 and 333mt and were put on dragline boards, awaiting their further handling.                                        

Next set of SIEMENS transformers for project VIKING LINK

nov 29 2022

In The Netherlands and in the UK, Global Cargo Care was appointed to attend the loading / discharge operation of two 225mt SIEMENS ENERGY Transformers. Viking Link Interconnector is a 767km-long, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission link to interconnect the electricity networks of Denmark and Great Britain. The Viking Link HVDC Interconnector will allow the […]

2x 1300mt Shiploaders from China to Turkey

sep 03 2021

After three weeks sea voyage from China to Turkey, two Continuous Ship Unloaders (CSU) arrived safely at the berth. The unloading was conducted by the two vessel cranes                                            

Reels Loadout + spooling survey in Newcastle

mrt 17 2021

At the Shepherd Offshore Technology Park in Newcastle, several reels up to 310mt were loaded onto BigLift Shpping owned vessel Happy River. Once the reels were safely loaded, we were also appointed to attend the first stage of the spooling process.