Global Cargo Care involved in Heavy Lift-shipments in Oman


We are currently attending a series of Heavy Lift-discharges for the Sohar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP) in Sohar Port (Oman), as part of the total risk management of the shipments of valuable components.

This project is a response to the need to upgrade refining capability in order to further maximize the value of Omani crude oil. The project includes improvements at the existing facility as well as the addition of new refining units.

When SRIP comes on stream current production of fuels, naphtha and propylene will be raised by 70%. Aside from the immediate commercial benefits that SRIP brings to the business, it will have an impact in other areas. 300 direct, permanent jobs will be created by SRIP, as well as around 2,400 Omani contract roles over the project lifetime.