Transformers for National Grid in the UK

In September Staffordshire-based specialist shipping company Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd. successfully beached their unique heavy lift ro/ro barge Terra Marique on Traeth y Graig Ddu (Black Rock Sands beach) Morfa Bychan in North West Wales.

The 80mx 16.5m barge, which is flat bottomed and specifically designed to take the ground,was delivering a 128t electricity transformer loaded in Rotterdam and destined for National Grid’s substation at Trawsfynydd.

The whole beach landing operation took under 12 hours with the Terra Marique manoeuvring on to the beach under her own power at high water, and then as the tide receded the final 200m of the 330m aluminium trackway was laid.

Once all the trackway was laid it was ramp down and the 128t transformer, loaded onto a 10 axle trailer, was then driven carefully off the barge along the track way and up the beach; with the Terra Marique refloating and departing on the next high tide.


Picture courtesy: / source Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd